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Blending Art & Science

...the Genesis of Innovation 




Leading Edge Innovation

Conceptualization - Research  

Experimentation - Innovation Development  - Definition 

Harmonize Design Requirements-Objectives

 Integrate System & Structural Architecture

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Computational & Classical Analysis  Rationale Evaluation - Validation

Simulation & Test Planning

Clarifying Issues & Problems 

Defining & Assessing Validity of Solutions

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Certification Planning

Consultation / 2nd Opinion

Non-Advocate Reviews 

Providing Insight & Foresight

Avoiding Regret in Hindsight

1. Aerospace Technical Services

2. Aerospace Technology Innovation

3. Expert Advice and Guidance

Providing Leading Edge Technical Services

- Our company thrives on challenges.

- We are motivated and self directed.

- We take the initiative to solve problems.

- We provide clarity and problem definition.

- Our focus is developing innovative solutions.

- We see the big picture and the critical details

- We harmonize structures with their requirements. 

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