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We are a small dynamic Aerospace & Defense technology company.

Our staff hold Bachelor & Master degrees in Engineering coupled with decades of hands-on experience at the prime OEM Aerospace companies developing the latest technology. We have a network of hand picked experts that have worked on numerous FAA FAR 23/25/27/29 and military aircraft development projects.

Our focus areas are structural analysis, design & development of aero-structures, aerospace vehicle concepts, aerodynamic analysis, composite materials & processes and manufacturing technology.  We offer our services exclusively to the Aerospace and Defense sectors. We provide these services under the technical authorities of our clients which are regulated by the Federal Government. 

We are a privately held 100% U.S. owned business and have been incorporated since 2008. We are also licensed to conduct business in Canada & have been incorporated there since 2003.  

A Culture of Innovation

We use Both Art & Science as the Genesis of Innovation....

- Each is an integral component to the creation of viable technology. 

- Creativity cannot be taught or scheduled.

- We know how to nurture and encourage it.

- Our proprietary creation processes generate real results.

- We use visionary insight and plot a clear course forward.

- We clear technical hurdles that others stumble on.

- With each hurdle we clear, our clients leave competitors further behind.

- We create doors to success where others see barriers to advancement.

- We can see the hidden doors and we can open them.

- We avoid the well trodden path that leads to mediocrity.

- We are pathfinders and path-makers.

Our Approach to Solutions


- Study client's goals, objectives & requirements.

- Identify risks, issues and opportunities.

- Define problems clearly ... before we take action...

- Don't plow ahead blindly to "make progress" and waste resources.

- Root ourselves in engineering fundamentals and rigorous rational logic.

- Tap experience and  knowledge & apply wisdom and discernment.

- Never compromise on ethics, quality or safety.

- Use Ockham's Razor to cut through complexity and create clarity.

- Use a 6th sense of intuition that is truly ...uncommon.

- Seek out & define all important details...

- Don't underestimate or overestimate details... or get lost in them.​

- Paint the big picture clearly and offer detailed solid solutions. 

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