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Clients & Experience

Our clients are global leaders in Aerospace vehicle technology development.

In the interest of client confidentiality we do not list our clients directly on our website.

Owens Aerospace associates have worked on many leading aerospace projects.

They have provided services directly for global OEMs and tier 1 suppliers.

Our team has decades of experience developing FAA FAR 25 & 29 aircraft & rotorcraft. 

Listed below are some of the projects that our team has worked on. 

Structural Analysis & Design of FAR 25 Aircraft:

   747-8 High Speed & Low Speed Advanced Composite Ailerons 

   747-XQLR - Composite Raked Wing Tip 

   777-200 LR & -300ER Advanced Composite H-Stab skin-stringers 

   777-200 LR & -300ER Advanced Composite V-Stab skin-stringers

   787-8-9-10 - Advanced Composite Nacelles for RR T1000 & GEnx

   767-GTTA - Composite & Metal 1,000,000 lbf Cargo Bulkhead.

   LJ85- Advanced Composite Unpressurized Rear Fuselage

   LJ85 - Advanced Composite FWD Pressurized Fuselage

   LJ85 - Advanced Composite Pressure Bulkhead

   LJ85 - Fuselage Main Circumferential  Splice Joints

   LJ85 - Advanced Composite Vertical Stabilizer

   LJ85 - Advanced Composite Rudder

   LJ85 - Engine Pylons & Mounts

Production Support MRB Liaison & After Market:

  787 - Final assembly line Integration/Assembly Support 

  787-8-9-10 -Engine Nacelles  SRM Structural Analysis & Repairs

  A350 - SRM Structural Analysis & Repairs

  P3 Orion - major overhaul and repair support services.


Composite & Plastic Materials & Processes  & Testing

  - Composite materials receiving inspection testing.

  - Composite materials storage life extension testing.

  - Cure process discrepancy evaluations, thermal profiling.

  - Auditing supplier facilities for material storage & processing 


   FAR 29 Rotorcraft structural & Interior Components for A/C models:   

    - 407/ 412 / 427 /430 /S92

   FAR 25 Airplane LE/TE panels, WTB fairings, Fairings on A/C models:  

    737 / 757 / 777 / 767

Aerodynamics & Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis:

 - CFD analysis of tip Vortices of NACA 0015 Wing w w/o Tip Jets.

  - Vortex Lattice Method (VLPM) Panel Code development for lift-drag 

  - Wind tunnel test data analysis & simulation of flow field properties. 

  - Boundary layer finite difference code development for separation.

  - Blade element integration code for aerodynamic  lift & drag analysis.

  - Rotor lift-drag & power consumption of advanced VTOL Concepts.

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